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Most people have special names or terms of endearment for those people in their lives that are the most important people to them.

I remember when my beautiful niece Jenna was born .... 21 years ago next week... man that makes me feel really old. When I first saw her she was about 2 or 3 days old and she just made me think of a little tiny jellybean, hence the petname is now Jellybean. I dont call her that much now but in my mind she is still Jellybean , even though shes a young woman, mother of two very cute rugrats and a good few inches taller than me. (everybody is taller than me Im just a shortie at 5ft) and she probably will be Jellybean for as long as we both shall live.

Im a really affectionate person and often use terms such as sweets, sugar, chick. chicky boo, honey , gorgous etc to pretty much everybody , including at times people I dont even know, now  its never meant disrespectfully and because anybody that meets me sees my exhuberant personality I am normally able to get away with it.

With my  darling husband it took a while for me to develop a pet name, when we got engaged he became Lovebug to him and when talking about him to other people he became "The Lovebug" straight away, which always made people laugh. He tells people that my pet name for him is "Here Taste This" which always gets a giggle . The reason that that is his Pet name is that I am a Artisan Baker and A Chef and am constantly trying new recipes and food ideas on him and apparantly I constantly say to him "Here Taste This)      ;).

I have a very special internet freind whom I have never met, just chatted heaps online and on the phone occasionally , her name is Betty so automatically this incredibly funny lady became Betty Boop which is something I call her on a semi regular basis.

It always strikes me how personal and individual pet names are , they all come about in different ways and often can come across as an inside joke, but yet again its one of those things that make us all different and unique

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