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When I was a kid , my nose was constantly in a book , if anybody in the house didn't hear or see anything from me for a while they knew I would be curled up on the floor in my bedroom with my nose in a book.

As I got older and discovered the world of Internet /Computers my book reading decreased incredibly. To the point where its now a real treat to sit down and read a book. I have hundreds of books, mostly cook books and then books that are very different to those, like Craft books,historical fantasy, sloppy romances and other books mainly  in the same genres.

Bruce's book collection is much more vast and much more eclectic ranging from theosophical, poetry, esoterical, scifi, fact and fiction to Mad and other funny types of books. He reads much more books than I do .Sometimes there is nothing nicer than curling up with a good book no matter what the genre is and for me its actually that making time for myself moment that makes curling up with a good book even more special.

AS Autumn draws in and the nights get colder it always feels like a great time to snuggle down with a book, a nice hot drink, a warm space and somebody you love who is also reading a book at the same time and just sharing a companionable time together even if no words are spoken.

I think as adults our lives change so much and simple pleasures such as reading a book often get put aside for periods of time due to many external factors such as work, outside pressures, ,life in general and so therefore its even more important that we do take time to escape in to a different space that you get from a good book even if  its just to recharge our batteries or have a little bit of escapism before returning back to the real life and all that the world requires of us.

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Betty Nelson

I am a voracious reader and have always been one.Mostly scifi and cook books. My sweet hubby Dan is one too. We always have a book going. I love the tactile feel of a book, turning the pages, marking my place with a bookmarker that Dan’s mom Jean gave me years ago so I wouldn’t bend down a corner of the page! Just one more thing we all have in common!!!

28/03/11 @ 10:55
Comment from: melaniek

you are absolutely right….. I wish my husband loved to read too….

31/03/11 @ 05:36

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