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long lazy weekends

  by  , Tuesday 26 April 2011, Categories: regular posts

This Weekend was Easter weekend and also ANZAC day 25th April the day that we commemorate our fallen brave men and women who fought in wars to help us remain free. Its roughly the middle of Autumn and the weather is a bit blah outside but its been a great weekend. I so rarely get more than the occasional day off from work so to have 4 days in a row is a really special thing. Its been great just kicking back and relaxing, spending time with my husband, watching trashy movies on tv, playing computer games against each other and just being together. Lots of things to be done but getting there slowly.

The fact that I have been in a bit of pain over the weekend due to overworking myself a bit has also slowed me down a bit this weekend so I think its been a good idea to not do much and rest and let the body try and get stronger.

We have visited my mum twice this weekend , She has dementia and is insulin dependant diabetic so has to live in a rest home due to not being able to care for herself at home.... shes still fairly youngish but with the combination of the two illnesses stated above her being in care is the only option. We took her out for coffee and we gave her some handmade (by me) diabetic freindly easter eggs, which she really appreciated. Some days she is really good and clear minded and other days not so good. And she has been really good recently and has enjoyed her weekend as well.

We have been and done some social things as well but really the most inportant thing is that we have spent lots of extra time together..... Its really important  to spend as much time as we can with our really special loved ones especially on long lazy weekends because we get so busy in our regular lives that sometimes it can be a bit like ships passing in the night.

We also have been playing with the easter bunny this weekend and delivering a mix of handmade and commercial easter eggs between ourselves, and family , giving to others as well as receiving , yum yum .

Another great thing about long lazy weekends is getting to sleep in and beleive me anything past 7 am these days is a very good  sleep in , but over the weekend we havent surfaced much before 9.30 or even later which really is one of lifes greatest pleasures.

What do you all like  about long lazy weekends and do you get to have them very often , or does life and family mean they become a special occasion like it does for me?

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Betty Nelson

I love the way my hubby Dan and I snuggle together on the couch and read. Then we decide what we are going to fix for brunch. After a cup of really good coffee (decaf for me) we figure out what we are going to do for the rest of the day. Once in a very great while…we even stay in our jammies most of the day! So precious…

26/04/11 @ 19:04

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