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Some young women can be really nasty

  by  , Tuesday 15 March 2011, Categories: About me

They seem to feel that the entire world revolves around them and that because a person maybe older than them that they know nothing about life, and that their ideas, thoughts etc are invalid and not worth thinking about. That because people earn different amounts of money , if somebody earns less than them they are not worthy . That because they ( the nasty young women) spent more money on X,Y,or Z, clothes, makeup, cars, weddings etc that anybody else that spends less or prioritises in different ways to them must have really bad choices and therefore not being good enough. That when other people make a minor mistake its their role in life to point it out and make it a really big deal in a public kind of way. And that its perfectly ok to talk trash about other people be it true or not.

Well mean and nasty just does not cut it in the real world  and what goes around comes around. These mean and nasty young women just end up being mean and nasty old ladies with less freinds and more wrinkles than their countaparts, elders and peers. So to those mean and nasty young women , change your attitude on life and you will find that you will grow old gracefully with beauty and charm and freinds and people who love you and love being around you,

instead of sitting along in your rundown old single bedroom flat looking down in to the dregs of your rescued cheap plonk bottle that you stole of the wino laying in the doorway of your past favourite expensive dress shop

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