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Summer is slowly coming to an end

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I hate the end of Summer as we go in to Autumn that season that marks the beginning of shorter days, longer nights and cold weather barrelling us in to Winter faster than the Jamaican Bobsledding team on the winning straight.

Summer is my most favourite time of the year, the smells of the new grass and summer fruits and veges and bbqs,waking up early to the natural light sliding in through the window and seeing it get dark much later on in the evening. Enjoying Christmas day in the sunshine, wearing short skirts and open shoes, and feeling the warm sun on your face. Eating lots of fresh light foods, fresh berries and stone fruits and tomatoes off the vine.

Autumn is a really pretty time of year as you watch the  leaves change colour slowly stripping the limbs of the trees bare as they prepare for the long cold months ahead its just the winter ahead that fills me with sadness

I hate being cold , love the idea of being snuggled up with my honey under a warm duvet , and having hearty meals like casseroles and soups to warm up , its just the thought of being cold, getting caught in winter rains, driving in thunderstorms, it being so dark early in the mornings and so early at nights that rubs me up the wrong way.  Knowing that  on TV it all revolves around Rugby on major tv channels, that people dont venture out to the market as often because its either too cold or too wet or both. That some people dont adjust their driving to the conditions of the road when its slippery and wet.And that there is many chances of ending up soggy and wet because you have just got in a rainstorm as you leave your car to go somewhere.

Whats your favourite time of the year and why do you like it ?

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Comment from: Cathy in NZ
Cathy in NZ

I love/hate all the seasons…all of them have things about them that rub me up the wrong way from time to time.

Summer because it’s sticky and humid but then I love the sun on my face

Autumn because of the leaves and falling down of them, blowing in air and rolling about on the ground…but then it getting cooler and changeable all the same time! Today an example of that - it’s summery and got go quite hot at one point.

Winter - if I could ski or snowboard I think I would love it. But it’s cold, nippy and not at all nice if you get wet or chilled

Spring - the fairies comes out and hang from branches on trees…of course, that fairy stuff is a childhood memory when Mother wanted me to learn which tree was what - which she said I could see from the green skirts that the fairies wore - they were so different types of fairy skirts etc. But then Spring can be wet and cold as bad as winter…

I think overall I love the seasons where the fairies are wearing new green clothes and when they are wearing the brightly coloured gold, orange and red skirts - 2 SEASONS

15/03/11 @ 10:14
Comment from: melaniek

Spring and Summer are my favorite times of year, and winter is just now coming to an end here (course I woke up to snow on the ground, so maybe its got a few weeks left LOL)….. I think I get a little seasonal blues in the winter, but I also appreciate the winter’s starkness because I think without it, I would not appreciate the grass and trees when they all bloom and leaf out. Every spring I am amazed by the stunning green all around me and I doubt I would even notice it if I lived somewhere without much seasonal change. I like autumn too, except it always makes me feel like I did as a kid on Sunday night knowing school was coming the next morning LOL…. you can enjoy autumn to be sure, but in the back of your mind you know winter is just around the corner.

16/03/11 @ 01:10

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