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Wow Today has been a busy day. Went to the Napier Farmers Market this morning which was small but great. It has been rather cold down here so have spent most of the day in a thick polar fleece jacket. After leaving the Market I wandered around the central city looking at all the cool shops, listened to a really great young guitarist busker ( i think he was only about 13 yrs old) , he was awesome.

Then i went off to look at different places around the city and got offered a spot to sell cupcakes and slices working in their kitchen and selling in their store..... too bad its this far away from home. After leaving the central city I went out to a chocolate museum which was really interesting , then went on to an art and craft village.

Sat in a park in Taradale surrounded by hills, dark clouds and soccer players and ate my yummy sandwich . Then went off and drove around Taradale and Green Meadow and came back in to Napier and caught up with my honey and had dinner.

Soon It will be back to the Motel for me and starting to compile the wedding albums with the 500+photos from the wedding. Its been a great day driving around this beautiful city , and I just love Napier, the people are really freindly and helpful as well.

I will add more adventures tomorrow. Im going to be checking out the Hastings Farmers market which is the oldest one in the area , and going to the aquarian along with a bunch of other stuff, and now that i have got the hang of setting up the wifi access it will make life much easier.


Day 2

We started the morning off eating  breakfast alfresco outside the motel room (like we did yesterday) ... Where we are staying right opposite is a wet lands , bird area which is rather nice to look out on.

I had bought some yuzu marmalade at the farmers market yesterday and had some of that on toast which was delicious along with fresh fruit salad and yoghurt for me and Bruce had a bowl of muesli with the same fruit salad.

In Green Meadow they have the most wonderful New World supermarket with all kinds of nice things in the Deli so i picked up some cold roast pork and some Telegraph hill drunken prunes and Telegraph hill balsamic marinated figs ................ OMG they are awesome.

So with the gorgous sour dough german bread rolls and hand  made camembert cheese i picked up at the market  I made our lunches of the pork , rolls, cheese and salad veges before we left.

I made my way out to the Hastings Farmers Market, which was ok, it was really big and there were so many people there you couldnt really get a good look at some of the stalls. I bought a gorgous glass of iced lemon tea, some fresh radishes, black pudding, 2 yucky chocolate peppermint truffles :o( , some savoury small crispy pretzels and some specuulas  and then drove off and just tickytoured around back to Napier.

The shops wern't really open in Hastings today so wasn't much point going out there  so will go back tomorrow to have a look. I stopped in at the filter room on my  way which is a  cidery , they make apple cider and a pear cider as well as other things. I didnt have a taste of anything but had a look around and took photos which was fun.

Drove all along Marine parade, Met up with my honey and had lunch.

Took lots of photos of the waterfront then spent a few hours wandering around the Aquarian which was really cool, took heaps of photos of all the fish , and sharks , stingrays and some just beauitiful turtles, water dragons and tuataras.

Did a bit of shopping for little things . Its been a much more slowerpaced day today which is good as it was really late when we went to sleep last night . Tomorrow Im hoping to do an art deco walk, and head over to Hastings and Havelock north

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