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Welcome to my little corner of the world

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Hi my name is Tessa Clement. I am  a woman who wears many hats. I am married to the most wonderful man in the world, his name is Bruce. We got Married on the  8th December 2010, he is my soulmate and makes me feel very loved and complete.

We are the parents of 3 cats all with very distinct personalities and a couple of dust bunnies called Mildred and Ethel who live under the bed.

We live in Auckland New Zealand...  The City of Sails in The Land of the Long White Cloud.

Im a Chef, Artisan Baker , Part time Entertainer, Business Owner and long time Care worker with elderly , or disabled people in the Community.

This Blog will be a very ecclectic  bunch of Postings depending on what Im doing or what is happening on the day of Writing. It maybe lighthearted or a grumble and anything inbetween, Sometimes serious, sometimes funny and very much my own opinions . Nothing religious or political or highly technical are likely to come up ..... those things tend to make my head ache :o) and there are often much more interesting things to talk about.

So come on in and enjoy spending time with me as I blog my way through  life.

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Comment from: Cathy in NZ
Cathy in NZ

I used to say - another house, another time - when the dust bunnies get into the throne room it is time to vacuum a bit more seriously :-)

Of course, at that time the dust bunnies were rather wool related…now all of them are in the basement so I do not have quite that problem :-)

14/03/11 @ 02:18

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my husband and I at the end of our first dance

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