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Working very long days at the moment

  by  , Thursday 17 March 2011, Categories: About me

I have been putting in lots of hours working the last few days and Im really beat.

I was really sick with the flu a few weeks back , and am thinking I havent really gained my full strength back yet, but have been doing extra work which has made the days longer than usual.

Yes I know I should be taking it a bit easier , but its only for this week and next week and then can hopefully have a day for me. I feel like its been ages , and would just love to have extra time being with my gorgous husband and just us being relaxed with out work outside of us both getting in the way.

I love my husband so much and just dont want anything including work to ever take over our lives

I guess its all about getting that work/life/love balance right ....... oh and catching up on sleep is always a good option too  :o)

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